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The BCGEU May Not Only Be Full Of Shit…

Did the BCGEU do this?

Did the BCGEU put a new meaning to the concept of the flying squad on Thursday?

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Naomi Klein Fights For The Needs Of Vancouver’s DTES Drug Dealers & Poverty Pimps!

Naomi Klein speaking beside Harsha Walia at the rally

One of the more interesting events I attended in Vancouver was the Occupy Condos event led by Harsha Walia. I have, for months, been quite confused by this event. It was only recently what it has begun to make sense to me…

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Are Alex Hundert & Harsha Walia Cops?

National Post: Relegated to Junk Mail…

I’ve never been a fan of the National Post, their stories always seemed a bit biased to me. And, I have a real problem with the fact that their parent company, PostMedia, has an unreasonable monopoly in the Vancouver Market.

Postmedia currently own both major Vancouver newspapers: The Vancouver Sun & The Province. I believe they also own a Vancouver Chinese newspaper named Tai Yang Bo (or something like that). This is illegal in most civilized countries…

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