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Harsha Walia’s Gonna Get It! (Bob Ages Too!)

Ben Pearson (in one of the best Occupy Vancouver pictures ever!)

UPDATE: This article includes some inaccuracies, please refer to the comments section for updated information

I’ve written about this issue a few times now, and posted the (very popular) video of Occupy Vancouver Gone Wild! It all started after Ben Pearson began to ask questions about OV finances. Ben’s a brave man, and I commend his tenacity in keeping-up the good fight here….

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Occupy Toronto And The DTES FauxHawk’s Sacred Fire! (Featuring Harsha Walia & David Eby!)

Can You Recognize This Man? (don’t worry, he’ll be unmasked in a moment)

One of my more memorable moments at Occupy Vancouver was the day when two indigenous men from Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES) lit a ‘sacred’ fire in the middle of our camp. I didn’t know it at the time, but both these men had a long history working with Harsha Walia & No One Is Illegal. I wrote one of my earliest stories on this incident- labelling it a sacred provocation

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Occupy Vancouver Has An Asshole Problem! (so do the Council of Canadians & Van Media Co-Op)

Bob Ages of the Council of Canadians (also known as Mr Taco!)

NOTE: The title of this article is based on an article that was quite popular during the early days of Occupy Vancouver: Occupy’s Asshole Problem

I’ve written about this issue before. Bob Ages of the Council of Canadians has been involved in vicious character attacks after Ben Pearson, a member of Occupy Vancouver, started asking questions about the Finance Committee. Then I published a video showing how a gang of people (including Irwin Oostinde of the W2 Media Center) mobbed Ben to refuse his entry to a GA.

This situation has truly one of Occupy Vancouver’s lowest moments…

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Naomi Klein Fights For The Needs Of Vancouver’s DTES Drug Dealers & Poverty Pimps!

Naomi Klein speaking beside Harsha Walia at the rally

One of the more interesting events I attended in Vancouver was the Occupy Condos event led by Harsha Walia. I have, for months, been quite confused by this event. It was only recently what it has begun to make sense to me…

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An Open Letter to Occupy Toronto!


Dear Occupy Toronto!

I challenge anyone to produce evidence of me doing something 10% as offensive as what happened to Celina. If you can’t, you must exile Curtis OfThe Nixon-Family from Occupy for as long as I am…

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Big News in Today’s Budget- The TIDES have turned!

Map of Organizations Attached to Soros (Including the TIDES Foundation)

I’ve been writing about the TIDES Foundation for a few weeks now. It has been a hard subject to approach because I support a lot of the causes that they do. That said, I’ve felt equally uncomfortable with the lack of honesty & transparency in their activities. Quite the dilemma…

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Propaganda to Scare Your Pants Off…

This is scary folks. Not only because of the freakish propagandist sound of how the words are spoken, but it is scary to me because I know that this disinformation is being used to justify an uprising early this summer. I have good word that we may wake-up one day in June to discover multiple Oka’s arising across the country…

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