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Occupy Toronto And The DTES FauxHawk’s Sacred Fire! (Featuring Harsha Walia & David Eby!)

Can You Recognize This Man? (don’t worry, he’ll be unmasked in a moment)

One of my more memorable moments at Occupy Vancouver was the day when two indigenous men from Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES) lit a ‘sacred’ fire in the middle of our camp. I didn’t know it at the time, but both these men had a long history working with Harsha Walia & No One Is Illegal. I wrote one of my earliest stories on this incident- labelling it a sacred provocation

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This Will Make A Lot More Sense When I Finish Writing My Article On No One Is Illegal!

The article won’t be about this person- but the sentiment is just right…

Are Alex Hundert & Harsha Walia Cops?

April Fools! Alex Hundert & Harsha Walia Announce “We Love The Police Day!”

Alex Hundert makes a public apology to the police!

After witnessing the violence Toronto police officers imposed on Occupiers this week, and the reactions at yesterday’s occupation in front of the 52 Division police station- Alex Hundert & Harsha Walia have made a joint announcement that it is time for the people to find ways to make peace with the police.

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The Fox News View of Occupiers

The Fox News View of Occupiers

A Funny Video About Occupy Toronto

I’m unsure about the intentions of the person who made this video- so, this is not an endorsement. But, we are a healthier society if we can occasionally laugh at ourselves- and, I figured a lot of you would like to see this. So, enjoy!


What Do The Black Bloc & Paedophiles Have In-Common?


Graham James- Former Hockey Coach & Convicted Paedophile

I Just Couldn’t Resist the Temptation…

United Steel Workers Made Me Feel Cheap Today…

Each time a union pulls-out a video camera at an Occupy event it leaves me feeling used. Not a good kind of used either- more the kind of used a prisoner would feel after dropping the soap in Coalinga State Hospital.

We had a similar incident in Vancouver during CUPE‘s national convention. There was a direct action called outside of the camp that most people went to. And, coincidentally, just at the same time, 2000+ members of the union showed-up to film another promotional video. In this case, they play-acted as if they were holding a General Assembly- only, there were 100’s of them and there are only three occupiers in the video. And, of course, there was a homeless man I don’t recognize getting high-fives from CUPE members!


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Welcome Media Co-Op Readers! (Do they receive Government Funding?)

The Media Arm Of The Black Bloc

It appears that Media Co-Op has linked to my site! This organization is one of Canada’s foremost producer of violence inciting media. Something to be proud of! (if you are a Black Bloc terrorist…)

Media Co-Op is most famous for filming Harsha Walia’s racist & sexist hate video a filmed at Irwin Oostende’s  rave club/media centre called the W2 Media Center. W2 was originally meant to serve the people of the DTES– that said, I’ve been there a number of times, and the only time I saw a DTES resident was outside of the building. What’s up with that Irwin- is it time to hand over the space to someone else?

First-hand account of Irwine attacking a First Nations Transgender person who supports the sex worker community. How gallant! Have they written and published a letter about him on the Internet ? Has he been shunned from the activist community?

Here’s the video. If the phrase “privileged white male” contains Trigger Words for you, or you are a person who can’t handle watching racist/sexist/proviolent attacks on people, I recommend you don’t watch this.

Diversity of Tactics – 3 – Harsha Walia from working TV on Vimeo.

Many of us are particularly disturbed by the concept of de-arresting comrades, sounds like Harsha is promoting criminal violence here. Time for an investigation? Beyond the racism, hate, and incitement of violence- perhaps the most classic quote here is “It’s not about breaking windows, but it is about breaking windows”.

There’s also “Every tactic is immune to criticism!” My tactic is to write and publish about criminal & social injustice-  if this is true, why am I being attacked for my tactics? I have never used words even close to approaching what Harsha Said in this video.

It appears to me that a couple of laws have been broken here- so, what is to be done about it?:

Now, remember, Harsha is defending the Screw-up that killed the anti-Olympic movement– does her positivity about this trainwreck indicate she was happy it was killed? Why?

If you think you can stomach more of this, please follow this link:

If anyone has information on who funds these criminals- could you please let me know? I promise to keep your name confidential, and it will be a public service to our country.


Some Commentary on the Black Bloc From The Guardian…

Thugs in whatever country they are operating out of...

With a follow-up article of theirs: Black Bloc, Leftism or Laddism?

Did Occupy Vancouver’s Current ‘Leaders’ Steal Their Playbook From The NDP?

David Eby should have done this when they exiled him from the Vancouver convention...

I’m here in Cortes, doing a little research on BC’s political history- ran across an interesting story about Dana Larsen’s experience with the NDP. I’d write-up my own synopsis, but I’m feeling a bit tired today after my journey…

In February, I created a Facebook group for the NDP Convention. I made sure it was clear that it wasn’t an official page. In June, I received a message on Facebook from Jen Anthony, who said she was organizing the convention. She said that they were going to make an official Facebook page for the convention, and then they saw that I had made a page already.

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An Interesting Video…

Sarah, didn’t you get the message the press has been screaming at us? Your anger was not endearing. And, personally, I’d hold back on comments like ‘people handed hundred’s to me’ at the VAG…

I Felt Like These Two Guys Way Too Often on the OV Facebook page…

All the random ganging-up, the ridiculous accusations, bullying. Follow the rest of the story at the Georgia Straight…

Breaking News! Kevin Stevenson Is Important Enough to be On My Blog!

In a heated Facebook discussion with a concern troll, the person throwing ad-hominem attacks (who will remain unnamed) I told this person “Give it up, you’re not important enough to get space on my blog!”

Kevin Stevenson, who previously was a nobody, sentenced to life not being discussed on my blog, has now been elevated to the esteemed position of “important enough to be mentioned on my blog!”

Kevin joins such local celebrities as Harsha Walia, David Eby, Quatchi, Ruth Meta and Prime Minister Harper. Congratulations Kevin! But, watch out, soon there may be an “OccupyKevin”!

Vancouver (DTES,Unionist,CoC,Etc) Black Bloc, You are Useful Idiots!

Do you actually believe your pseudo Waffen SS tactics could do anything but hurt a movement that is founded in love and peace? And, do you actually believe you have the foundation to make this a reality?

Perhaps it’s just the reverberations of yesterday’s meditational yoga experience- but, this appears to be a somewhat deluded perception…

Please read through these questions and think deeply. Pay special attention when things start feeling uncomfortable:

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Paparazzi Shots of my Twitter Followers!

I have a great collection of people beginning to follow me on Twitter! Thanks people, you encourage me to fight the good fight! Let me share some of my more interesting (and some puzzling) followers:

I'd love to talk with you and get some advice! Your influence could have a big impact on fixing Occupy Vancouver!

If you're a 'real' Kennedy, could you help a revolutionary writer out with some WordPress enhancements?

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This Is Your Brain On (Californian union leaders?)

This is why you should feel the NEED to occupy… (This is happening in the US, is Harper better?)

An MTV commercial on the US National Defense Authorization Act (S.1867). Scary times we are living in…

Need I say more???

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