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What’s Going Wrong With The Student Fee Protests?

Anarchists or concerned students?

It was another beautiful day for a demonstration- the sun was shining and was mercifully accompanied by a cool soothing breeze. Spirits were high when I arrived on the scene. There was a small contingent of police- less than usual, I’m guessing this was related to Prince Charles’ visit…

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There Sure Are Some Scary People At Occupy Toronto These Days…

Here’s another classic picture posted on the Occupy Toronto Facebook page by David Kahn- a man Dave Vasey has deep respect for

Hey, Occupiers, when are you going to stand-up against these thugs and ask them to stop, or ask them to leave your movement? Or, do you respect this sort of violence?

Story Of The Robocall Rallies, Palestine House, JDL, International Socialists, Judy Rebick And A Cryptic Coptic!

Jon Allen speaking from the bed of the 'Palestine House' truck..

I didn’t think much about it when Jon Allan mentioned he had a friend from the Palestinian community who would be helping us plan and marshal our parade route. Jon said he was an expert at setting-up rallies, and it was good to know we’d have someone experienced to help make the first rally possible.

When he came to our second planning meeting this man was, indeed, a wealth of knowledge. He was able to help us with the details- things like we shouldn’t plan a parade route that makes a left-turn, as that would block traffic and the city would be unlikely to give approval. We were on the right track, and things were looking good…

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Dear Occupy Toronto- who are you trying to attract here?

I’m confused- isn’t AIM the American Indian Movement? Regardless, who is the intended audience for this image? What is the intended outcome?

Will it be a good one or a bad one?


Chris Hedges And Occupy Debate “Black Bloc” Violence

All I’ve been asking for is the same as Chris mentions in this video: Transparency, Honesty, and a Rigid adherence to nonviolence. People who are suggesting we support Black Bloc and Diversity of Tactics are clearly working for the 1%. Occupiers! When will you finally understand this!

Please, realize this now- we need to move on and start making a difference!

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Are Alex Hundert & Harsha Walia Cops?

Propaganda to Scare Your Pants Off…

This is scary folks. Not only because of the freakish propagandist sound of how the words are spoken, but it is scary to me because I know that this disinformation is being used to justify an uprising early this summer. I have good word that we may wake-up one day in June to discover multiple Oka’s arising across the country…

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