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An Open Letter To Thomas Mulcair

Thomas Mulcair- let’s hope he’s a lover and not a street fighter…

Dear Mr. Mulcair,

You have a big problem on your hands, as does the rest of the country. True, every political party has its loonies- but, the NDP’s crazies are a danger to our country…

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More Clues About The NDP Marxists Involvement Behind The Quebec Strikes!

Here’s a screenshot from the Facebook page of the people organizing Spread the Quebec Strike! Demand Free Education! in Ontario.  These are the same people who I believe are going to attempt to interrupt Prince Charles’ visit to Toronto next week.

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This Woman Reminds Me Of Krazy Krystalline Kraus!

What’s with these people? Fauxhawks, blonde natives, and only white people are in-charge of everything? If there’s going to be a native uprising, it should be against the people who are using them for ulterior means!

Stay-tuned for a story about a fake Ontario native village! You can’t make this stuff up folks…

Is No One Is Illegal Organizing A Treasonous Uprising?

Members of the Canadian Auto Workers preparing for NoII’s May Day march…

I’ve been aware of No One Is Illegal (NoII) for a few years now, and I thought it was a strange concept when I first heard of them. After all, how could Canada keep-up it’s social & healthcare safety nets if there was unlimited immigration? Their concept is noble, but it doesn’t appear that they provide any solutions as to how it can be realistically achieved… Continue reading

BullyWatch: Taylor Chelsea & Krystalline Kraus Are Boldfaced Liars!

Taylor Chelsea (a.k.a. PottyMouth) has decided to continue her attacks on me. It’s funny really, because I’ve never met her, and she has never met me. But, for some reason, about a week ago, she decided to come here and start yelling swear words and insults at me! There’s something really wrong with her- because, it just doesn’t make sense…

I was in the middle of writing a response on the Occupy Toronto facebook page about some of PottyMouth’s new slanderous attacks just now, and found out that I had been blocked. This, despite I’ve never written a single objectionable thing. So, why did this happen? Looks like I’ve been bullied out of it. Have a look:
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My Response to Accusations Made on Occupy Toronto Facebook Pages

Dave Vasey (wearing top-hat): Is he working for the 1%?

When Dave Vasey confronted me at the beginning of the last Occupy Toronro Action Committee meeting we had an agreement that I would post my letter to the people of OT to each committee through the mailing lists. Then, when it came time to send out my mail I noticed I was banned- despite the fact I have not used those lists to cause any interruption.

It confounded me that someone like Dave, who has worked his whole life pursuing social and ecological justice would have made the accusations he did. It confounds me more that some (there are many more good & honest than there are bad) people decided to shut me out from telling my side of the story. Something is rotten in Denmark…

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United Steelworkers Dance To Support Usury!

But The Steelworkers Support Sustaining it!

When the original holders of the Infinity Rubber factory went bankrupt, a new buyer took it over at a significantly discounted price. The new owner financed their payment through a rather predatory loan.The rate for this loan was set at 18%- usury!

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United Steel Workers Made Me Feel Cheap Today…

Each time a union pulls-out a video camera at an Occupy event it leaves me feeling used. Not a good kind of used either- more the kind of used a prisoner would feel after dropping the soap in Coalinga State Hospital.

We had a similar incident in Vancouver during CUPE‘s national convention. There was a direct action called outside of the camp that most people went to. And, coincidentally, just at the same time, 2000+ members of the union showed-up to film another promotional video. In this case, they play-acted as if they were holding a General Assembly- only, there were 100’s of them and there are only three occupiers in the video. And, of course, there was a homeless man I don’t recognize getting high-fives from CUPE members!


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