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Why ‘Safe Space’ Politics Should Scare You…

The first incident of violence at Occupy Vancouver came long before a juvenile kid in the Black Bloc hit a cop in the face with a flagpole, and long before an occupier bit a fireman and another stole a cop’s ammunition during the ‘sacred’ fire incident. It was a seemingly unexpected event that happened at the end of a General Assembly (GA) that was dedicated to discussing how we’d make Occupy Vancouver a ‘Safe Space’.

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My Letter To Archbishop Hiltz About Last Week’s Incident

Archbishop Fred Hiltz of the Anglican Church of Canada

Despite the fact the incident at the Church of the Holy Trinity last week was deeply disturbing on a very personal level, I am trying to look at the positive side. Perhaps, if the church is merciful, this will be a good first step in making things right…

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Why Do I Hate The Left?

Since I began writing about the Occupy movement, the most common question I’ve been asked by my detractors has been “Why do you hate the left?” Not only is this question a veiled ad-hominem attack- but it is also incredibly presumptuous on a number of levels…

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Taylor “PottyMouth” Flook Tries To Label Me As Illegal at the No One Is Illegal March!

Taylor "PottyMouth" Flook, one of Occupy Toronto's Soros-Funded Zombies

One of the more disturbing moments I had at yesterday’s marches was when Taylor Flook decided to go all Dave Vasey on me and start insisting I had no right to be out on Toronto’s streets! You may remember Taylor from back in February when she came out of nowhere throwing potty language and  ad-hominem attacks at me.

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If There Is Violence On May 1st- Blame These People…

This list reads like a who’s who of the International Socialists! Is this why they would be foolish enough to add their support to a dodgy event being sponsored by No One Is Illegal? After all, NoII is one of the most pro Black Bloc organizations in the country- isn’t it? Continue reading

I’ll Take Lennon Over Trotsky Any Day…

I’m writing this article to clear-up thoughts some people had that I’ve been on a McCarthyist bend these past couple of days. I’ve no problem with Socialism- in fact, I’m proud to live in a (somewhat) socialist country. There are even a number of industries I’d like to see nationalized! (Bell, Telus & Rogers watch out!) I do, however, have serious issues with Trotskyism– as should all occupiers…

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Occupy Is Neither Left or Right, But a Movement For Us All!

Left or right, ideologies will be the death of us...

Occupy’s purpose was to bring the 99% together for a conversation about how we can build a better world for all. We were never meant to be a movement of the left or right. Nor was Occupy to be about the establishment on either side…

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Why I’m Stepping Down From The Occupy Movement…

I Block Occupy Becoming a Marxist/Leninist Movement

I joined the Occupy movement with a dream. Occupy had a chance to change the world and make it better for everyone- unfortunately, this opportunity was lost.

The Occupy movement was labelled as the 99% vs the 1% but this is not entirely true. Now, six months later, it is obvious to me that Occupy was corrupted from the beginning. In reality, it was a battle of the 5% vs the 95%. Let me explain…

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Chris Hedges And Occupy Debate “Black Bloc” Violence

All I’ve been asking for is the same as Chris mentions in this video: Transparency, Honesty, and a Rigid adherence to nonviolence. People who are suggesting we support Black Bloc and Diversity of Tactics are clearly working for the 1%. Occupiers! When will you finally understand this!

Please, realize this now- we need to move on and start making a difference!

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A Challenge For People Who Support Black Bloc Tactics

Italiano: illustrazione disegnata di un black bloc
I’ve been researching & writing about Black Bloc tactics for six months now- ever since someone released the video of Harsha Walia viciously attacking Derrick O’Keefe after the ‘Heart Attack’ incident at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. I was disgusted by Harsha’s take in this video- her use of racism, sexism & classism seemed like a wholly inappropriate tactic for someone who claims they fight for Social Justice…

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All’s Quiet on the Occupy Front

We had a long march today against the police violence that happened to an Occupier one week ago. The crowd was a mix of Occupiers and a large number of Black Bloc. Despite a lot of tension, all ended up being peaceful.


Some of the police who followed us

We had a mix of police on bicycles, horses and some cars. At one point, just off Younge St, it seemed they were ready to kettle us- however, nobody was arrested. They were ready for it though, had a paddy wagon trailing us for a couple of hours…


The march ended at St. James Park at around 8pm. There was a sense of kinship and collective relief as we gathered in the Gazebo.


We then walked down to Cloud Gardens, the location of our new occupation after our eviction from Osgoode Hall. It is a lovely space- grass, flowers, nice lighting and a white noise in the background from a waterfall.


All’s well that ends well…

Occupy Toronto Occupies The 52 Division To Demonstrate Against Police Violence!

It all began on Friday afternoon when officers from the Toronto Police Department came to Occupy Toronto’s new occupation at Osgoode Hall. They told the occupiers that they must leave their space, despite the fact we had explicit permission from the property manager to stay there.

In the aftermath, four occupiers were arrested- two of them ended up being hospitalized due to the unnecessary violence of the arresting officers…

Brutalized occupier being readied to be taken to the hospital

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Officer Bubbles Attending the Attempted (and failed) Eviction of Homeless Occupiers!


The Foibles of Ken Collier- Chair of The Council of Canadians in Red Deer

Ken Collier of The Council of Canadians

People, I’m worried about something. The more I hear about the upcoming May Day actions and General Strike, the more I get the feeling that something bad is going to happen. And, when I mean something bad- I mean violence. I started getting this feeling about a week ago, after I heard stories from people at Occupy Toronto who were at the planning group last weekend.

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Which of These is More Violent?

This is What The Ruckus Society Looks Like!


Taking an excellent course by Tools for Change on Direct Actions now. Unfortunately, they are using a manual from the Ruckus Society…

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A Letter to David Murray About Harsha Walia’s Ironic March Against Racism

David Murray- NDP Councillor for Pitt Meadows

While researching people who have registered to attend Harsha’s Ironic March Against Racism (she’s a racist herself) I came across David Murray, a recently elected NDP councillor for Pitt Meadows.

I’m pretty confident that the people of his community would find Harsha Walia’s racist and sexist attitude to be as abhorrent as most of my readers. And, as he’s new to the job, I thought it would be courteous to warn him about the political CLM (career limiting move) it could be for him to march beside Harsha.

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A Letter to Hedy Fry About Harsha Walia’s Ironic March Against Racism

Hedy Fry is a Liberal Party MP from Vancouver- a highly educated and respectable woman who is originally from Trinidad & Tobago. I love her home country, beautiful beaches (especially Blanchisseuse!), and many lovely people. That said, there are some serious social issues there, many are race related.

So, I can understand her reasoning for deciding to attend Harsha Walia’s ironic march against racism. But, I’m also guessing that nobody has pointed out to her that Harsha virulently supports both racism & violence. Because, otherwise, I seriously doubt such a well educated politician (besides David Eby) woud risk their reputation by marching beside such a monster…

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The Most Offensive Thing I’ve Read All Day!

I expected to get quite a few attack dog responses to my launching the ThisWomanIsDangerous blog today. And, yes, I already knew the responses would be predictable. The legions of the Rabid Marxist Left tend to be that way when on a feeding frenzy. They typically have less self-control than a tank of hungry piranhas.

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BullyWatch: Stainsby & Vasey- Two Douchbags In A Pod…

A mixed-composite drawing of StainVase

Please Note: This is the first time I’ve used ‘name calling’. This is something I’ve avoided since the attacks and name calling began against me- but, people who attack other’s families deserve no less in my opinion….

I’ll never forget the moment I told Dave Vasey that I knew about his connection to Macdonald Stainsby. It was classic, his face went white as a ghost, then he turned to Wilsun (an Occupy Toronto Marshal) and said ‘see, I told you!’ It was that moment I knew that justice would be served…

Then, on Sunday, more truth came out about their connection. Not only are they comrades in hate, but they use the same playbook! Have a look at this thread from the Occupy Is An Inside Job page on Facebook: Continue reading