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How Do You Double DTES Rental Profits? Rent Your Space To INSITE/ONSITE!

INSITE/ONSITE Clinic In Vancouver

I’ll start this article with a disclosure. First, I am 110% behind the concept of supervised injections sights. Having lived in London & Amsterdam where they have been successfully doing this for years, I can see the benefits of the concept. That said, after a personal experience, I am far from impressed with INSITE- and services in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES) are a comparatively a gong show…

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Are Alex Hundert & Harsha Walia Cops?

BullyWatch: Dave Vasey Is a Coward who Uses Women as Human Shields!

On February 9th, Dave Vasey took his first shot at me- wrote this letter, asking me not to come to the Action Committee meeting that day:

It has come to my attention through comrades in Vancouver that statements have been made about your behavior there. see the following

In solidarity with Occupy Vancouver organizers, Action committee will prioritize safety, according to the guidelines around violence developed by the GA and Marshal committee.

Please do not attend the meeting today – if you do, you will immediately be asked to leave. Members of the marshal committee have been contacted and will be present.

Dave Vasey

BullyWatch: Letter I wrote to Dave Vasey this morning

They certainly do in Dave's case...


Last night I went home with tears in my eyes. It must have been looked quite obvious, because a woman who didn’t know me stopped and asked if I was okay. It was after 10pm and we were on the subway, quite an unusual situation.

I got home, cried some more, and started working on a blog posting- detailing your relationship with organisations funded by the George Soros funded TIDES Foundation. Ruckus Society, Indigenous Environmental Network, Rainforest Action Network, etc. But, I stopped working on it half-way through and decided to get some sleep. People who behave like you aren’t worth losing valuable sleep over.

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My Response to Accusations Made on Occupy Toronto Facebook Pages

Dave Vasey (wearing top-hat): Is he working for the 1%?

When Dave Vasey confronted me at the beginning of the last Occupy Toronro Action Committee meeting we had an agreement that I would post my letter to the people of OT to each committee through the mailing lists. Then, when it came time to send out my mail I noticed I was banned- despite the fact I have not used those lists to cause any interruption.

It confounded me that someone like Dave, who has worked his whole life pursuing social and ecological justice would have made the accusations he did. It confounds me more that some (there are many more good & honest than there are bad) people decided to shut me out from telling my side of the story. Something is rotten in Denmark…

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Censored! A Letter to the People of Occupy Toronto

Dave Vasey: Graduate of the George Soros funded Ruckus Society!

Here’s a letter I posted to all of the people at Occupy Toronto- that is, all of those who I could reach. It seems, unfortunately, that some of the people who consider themselves as leaders in our leaderless organisation have decided to practice conviction without trial. So, contrary to our agreement, they blocked my ability to send this letter out…

This is what democracy dictatorship looks like! 

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Conflict of Interest: Civil Liberties and Politicians Don’t Mix

I’m currently researching an essay on the politicization of Civil Liberties Associations. Today I found an interesting video by Stimular0r interviewing Laurence Hildes, the head of the National Lawyers Guild. The video discusses David Eby’s denouncement of the Heart Attack incident during the Olympics.

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David Eby: Politician, or Civil Libertarian? (And why he needs to resign..)

I was talking with a couple of people this morning who mentioned that someone had sent an email around Occupy Toronto that was trying to do some ‘damage control’ on my last blog entry. I’ve not seen the letter but I’ve been told that, as usual, Eby’s protectorate were trying to frame him as being @MotherTheresaBC. One person who I know would disagree on that point is BC’s Premier- @ChristyClarkBC, who he ran against for her seat in the last provincial election.

So, on this point alone, it is clear that David is a politician- or, at least was a politician. The question of whether he is a politician now or not still needs to be answered. Luckily, David was kind enough to help us with the answer by involving himself in the Vancouver Police Department’s “Porngate” story that broke yesterday. It all began when he tweeted his first opinion:

Let’s first begin looking at those who re-tweeted his message, as it will give you all an idea of the type of people who are David’s followers and supporters… Continue reading

The Curious Case of Adam Smolcic, David Eby & the Occupy Movement.

I’ve been holding off on this story for a while- wasn’t sure where it would lead, and thought I’d give it some time to percolate more information became available. I’ve learned a few things since then- and, along with other stories I’ll publish over the next few days, it appears to have a some significance to solving the puzzle behind the Canadian Occupy movement in Canada.

Adam Smolcic is a marijuana activist with a long record of police incidents and apparently false accusations. His history caught my attention when I noticed he had worked with David Eby and the BC Civil Liberties Association on a rather dubious police complaint…

The first case to come to my attention was an incident where Adam claimed to have witnessed Vancouver police shooting a homeless man. Adam said he recorded this incident on his mobile phone but, when a police officer took the phone from him they erased the evidence. That said, he admitted to being under the influence of his beloved Mary Jane…

David Eby, the head of the BC Civil Liberties Association, couldn’t resist getting involved. As an aspiring politician, the free publicity was useful- and, he tends to jump at any opportunity to drive an anvil between police and civilians. Eby is well-known as one of the city’s leading cop haters, As you’ve seen with his connections to the Black Bloc during the Olympics, his close relationship to Harsha Walia, his refusal to stand-up against the violence we’ve seen at Occupy Vancouver, and his challenges drinking sub-par wine.

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Should Occupations Distance Themselves from Occupy Oakland?

A member of the Vancouver CoC is inspired by these people...

The Occupy Black Bloc issue continues to get traction in the media- slowly, the world is realizing that Diversity of Tactics is damaging our movement…

A couple of days ago I tweeted a story by Jon Stewart warning Occupy Oakland that You will always be judged by your worst elements. And, it appears that Jon knows what he is talking about here- Black Bloc practitioners interfered with his Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington DC last year.

Tina Dupuy wrote an excellent article on the subject just a few days ago, brilliantly debunking all of the FUD created by the Black Bloc’s ‘philosophy’. She discusses this issue in a video with Thom Hartmann of Russia Today.

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Another Letter to Garry Neil at The Council Of Canadians

Bob Ages of The Council of Canadians


When we spoke a couple of weeks ago, I explained how I can understand your position that Bob Ages and other employees of the CoC are participating on their own time at Occupy Vancouver, and not as employees of the Council of Canadians. But, as we both agreed, there is some transference from the Olympic protests when Bob was officially representing the CoC, and helped lead negotiations between nonviolent and Black Bloc protesters.

The results of this incident led to the “Heart Attack” incident where people wearing balaclavas got into a street fight with police, and broke windows at the Hudson Bay company. The vast majority of people involved believe this was the death of the Anti-Olympic movement. So, as I said when we spoke- I’m slightly disappointed with your position, but do understand the importance of giving your employees the freedom to be involved in personal projects.

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The Black Block Infiltrated On Canadian TV “POLICE BUSTED”

We Are Change Portland also have some questions about who started the Stanley Cup Riot. Some of the comments are quite interesting- particularly this one:

“The Black Flock are creating excuses for unlawful violence to be used by public servants against peaceful people. Of course they aren’t all cops, some of them are mentally challenged fashion victims imitating cops.”

Canadians: It’s Time To Demand A Public Inquiry!

Image ripped-off from (click to read story)

I met someone with an interesting persepctive while I was staying at the hostel in Victoria last week. He was from Mexico, from a political family, and had some relevant ideas to share with the Occupy movement. His words have been resonating in my head ever since we talked…

I shared my experience setting-up the Occupy Harper event- posting the calendar entry on Facebook, blocading the Manchurian PM inside ScienceWorld, and the beautiful headline in the MSM: “Prime Minister Runs Over Girl’s Bike!”.

His reaction was quick and simple- “If you were in my country, they would have killed you!”

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This picture of Occupy Vancouver is poetic…


Follow-Up to My Posting on Black Bloc Terrorism…

It has been a few days since I posted my question about the Black Bloc– and, as expected, it seemed to have upset a person or two. It’s not that I have intended to offend them, I’d much rather write positive stories like the story in the Observer, or the Occupy Harper and Occupy Skytrain stories. I hardly find writing about the Black Bloc to be rewarding.

Though, I must admit, there is some personal motivation for this. I’m in Cortes Island now, came here to physically & spiritually regroup this winter. I arrived here to find that Black Bloc sympathizers had sent emails to some people on Cortes ‘warning’ them that I am ‘dangerous’. I’d been quiet for a couple of weeks, was hoping things would settle and get quiet. Now, it is clear that I have no choice to take this fight to the end…

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Are Black Bloc Tactics Terrorism?

Are terrorists marching through downtown Vancouver?

I’ve been doing some reading on the history of the Black Bloc the past few days- fascinating stuff. And, each day, it becomes more apparent that the Black Bloc is a serious menace for more cities than Vancouver. This menace is going Global, fast- will write more about this in the future…

For today, I want to only propose a question for everyone: Are Black Bloc tactics quantifiable as Terrorism?

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My Response to Mr Neil of The Council of Canadians

Me on October 15th, speaking about the campaign to take corporate funding out of politics. This initiative was supported by Joyce Murray.

Dear Mr Neil,

Thank you for the quick response. I have always held your organization in great esteem, and have no expectation the Council of Canadians wants to bring Occupy Vancouver to the point of revolution! This is inconceivable to me, as it always has been of course! Your’s is an organization I’d aspire to be part of one day.

However, Leadership from The Council of Canadians have most certainly taken-up residence in our organization- and have considerable influence. Carrying your organization’s name can have a halo effect that makes people overlook what is in front of them. It is a tool that should be wielded cautiously, and with 110% transparency.

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A Response from Garry Neil From The Council of Canadians

This letter is the response to: A Letter to Maude Barlow at the Council of Canadians

December 20, 2011

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your December 16 email concerning the Council of Canadians and the Occupy movement. I want to assure you that the Council is not in any way trying to “take over” or co-opt the Occupy movement. We are very supportive of the movement because the concerns of the occupiers are ones we share. But, we believe that among the real strengths of this movement are the fact that it arose spontaneously as an expression of outrage and concern about the many inequalities in our society, and it does not have identified “leaders.”

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A Letter to Maude Barlow at the Council of Canadians

"Maude Barlow addresses an anti-tar sands protest on Parliament Hill."

I was talking with Ruth Meta on December 16th, when she told me that Bob Ages  from the Council of Canadians was going to be taking over mediation of Occupy Vancouver’s moderated Facebook page. We both did some research and felt uncomfortable with the transparency in OV’s relationship.

Ruth wrote the letter below and I decided I would also sent it as my personal request. Here is the content of the letter- my next two postings will include responses.

The response to this letter can be found here:  Letter From  Gary Neil…

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CoV Provides Just Under $1 million of Overtime Bonuses!

I’ll always remember the first day of Occupy Vancouver, and how impressed I was with the city’s level of preparedness. They grounds were cleaned-up, there were professionally made signs warning people not to use tent pegs, and there was steel fencing installed over a what I think was a stairwell- protecting people from falling into it.

The fencing Gregor may have approved of "just to make someone happy...". Or, for insurance... Notice the man carrying the barrel- the pic was lifted from CTV's website, it appears that CTV threw a #SacredProvocation at us!

I met one of the senior members of the Engineering department that day- the same man who later told me how the city believes Occupy Vancouver was co-opted by a potentially dangerous group of people. I congratulated him for having the foresight to install the fencing- assuming it was to keep us safe. His response was “I’ve been wanting to do that one for a while now!”

One thing I really noticed at OV is how happy and friendly the city staff were with us. I expected them to be unhappy that they were being distracted from their daily grinds- it didn’t make any sense until this evening when I read an article in the Vancouver Sun that discusses a ‘leaked’ memorandum from Penny Ballem and Sadhu Johnston about the CoV’s costs that were related to OV.

VPD: $590,000
Engineering: $345,878
Emergency Management: $28,494
Fire and Rescue Services: $16,730 
Total: $981,102 

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