List of Supporters of Terrorism!

Harsha Walia

The People on the list below have signed their names in-support of Harsha Walia’s & Alex Hundert’s domestic terrorist organizations. Police forces, military intelligence, Homeland Security and International criminal justice organizations should be aware of their danger to society- you are recommended to keep an extra careful watch on these people.

Bob Ages
Dave Vasey
Sakura Saunders
Taylor Chelsea
Trey Whiney(sic)
Jason Morden
Maryann Abbs
Robin Anderson
Virginia B-H
Carla Bergman
Joy Bartlett
Lisa Barrett
Riaz Behra
Cameron Bode
Sarah Beuhler
Clayton Bromley
Fathima Cader
Kat Code
Stephen Collis
Wayde Compton
Charles Cox
Nathan Crompton
Gareth Davies
Anna Dayley
Levi Elijah
Emma Ellison
Faroe Britta Fluevog
Caelie Frampton
Grant Fraser
romham padraig gallacher
Lauren Gill
Peter Gill
Kate Gram
Kelsey Grimm
Dayla Hart
Peter Haywood
Robyn Heaslip
Michael H. Hejazi
Courtney Harrop
Sema Ibbetson
Erin Innes
Jordan Jack
Gregor Jahn
Reg Johanson
Dana Kagis
Mathew Kagis
Edward Lacarte
Ian MacDonald
Gerrard MacKinnon
Lindsay McGregor
Alex Mah
Tracey Mann
Anthony Mayfield
Eli Mills
Sabrina Anne Modder
Isaac K. Oommen
Jay Peachy
Maria Persdotter
Richard Porteous
Jasmine Rezaee
Isaac Rosenberg
Eddie Rothschild
Daniyah Shamsi
Chris Shaw
Stephanie Smith
Naava Smolash
Tammie Tupechka
Aaron Vidaver
Chris Waddell
Catherine Welsh
David Wilde
Sasha Wiley
Danielle Lee Williams
Tash Wolf
Maxim Winther
Mya Wolf
Usman X
Sandra Yee
Sabina Zahn

This group support’s Harsha Walia’s call for smashing windows and other implements of the “Capitalist oppressor”. They also support Alex Hundert’s enthusiastic support for other forms of physical violence against the state. Please treat all of the above listed people as highly dangerous and subject to invasive body cavity searches and other extreme measures.

Share with us what you think about this!

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