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Occupy Canada Supports the 1%!

Wow, talk about your misguided occupiers! Whoever is behind the Occupy Canada account on Facebook decided they needed to vehemently support George Soros! Not only that, but they felt the need to play dirty doing it!

Pay attention to who you listen to these day folks. The Occupy movement is chock full o’ shils!


Why Are George Soros’ Marxists Targeting Peter Munk & Barrick Gold?

Peter Munk, Head of Barrick Gold

It was just over a month ago when I first approached the subject of Barrick Gold. I wrote a story about how Sakura Saunders had told a couple of my sources that ProtestBarrick.net had got funding through the TIDES Foundation’s money laundering facility, and how there was a potential that George Soros was using them to affect their stock value

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A Member of the 1% Who Supports The War on Drugs!

Follow The Money: Dave Vasey & Taylor Chelsea (a.k.a. Flook, a.k.a. Pottymouth) Work for the 1%!


*Click Image for better view

Let’s play a game of Follow The Money! These totals are by no means exhaustive- there is much more, this is only a small sample. But, I think I make my point- Dave Vasey & Taylor Chelsea are schils for the 1%!

These numbers are based on research mostly by Vivian Krause, no relation to Krystalline Kraus, Rabble.ca’s hired attack dog…

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The CoC’s Cop-Out (Once Again…)

Sign on the toilets donate by the Council of Canadians to Occupy Vancouver

I’ve written to the Council of Canadians before- more than once. It all began when Ruth Meta sent a letter to Maude Barlow, asking her to explain why a prominent member of Occupy Vancouver has been repressing people and hurting the movement. I took the same letter and put my name to it.

Ruth, a prominent member of the community, got a call back from an organizer at the CoC’s. At the same time, I got a response from Garry Neil– and it was truly pitiful, insulting…

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A Discussion on the Influence of George Soros & The TIDES Foundation

Picture I took of the entrance of Hollyhock during my stay there in January

I got into a heated debate with an ally of Dave Vasey and Taylor Chelsea today on the “Occupy Is An Inside Job” page on Facebook. It began with the usual slander and hate- I’ll leave that part out right now as it has been resolved, and I’m sure you don’t need to see any more of that right now…

But, I will share the discussion we had on how Canadian movements are funded by George Soros and the TIDES Foundation. It really says more than I could by simply writing an article. Enjoy! Continue reading

I Just Couldn’t Resist the Temptation…