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Why Do I Hate The Left?

Since I began writing about the Occupy movement, the most common question I’ve been asked by my detractors has been “Why do you hate the left?” Not only is this question a veiled ad-hominem attack- but it is also incredibly presumptuous on a number of levels…

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BullyWatch: Taylor Chelsea & Krystalline Kraus Are Boldfaced Liars!

Taylor Chelsea (a.k.a. PottyMouth) has decided to continue her attacks on me. It’s funny really, because I’ve never met her, and she has never met me. But, for some reason, about a week ago, she decided to come here and start yelling swear words and insults at me! There’s something really wrong with her- because, it just doesn’t make sense…

I was in the middle of writing a response on the Occupy Toronto facebook page about some of PottyMouth’s new slanderous attacks just now, and found out that I had been blocked. This, despite I’ve never written a single objectionable thing. So, why did this happen? Looks like I’ve been bullied out of it. Have a look:
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