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Why Do I Hate The Left?

Since I began writing about the Occupy movement, the most common question I’ve been asked by my detractors has been “Why do you hate the left?” Not only is this question a veiled ad-hominem attack- but it is also incredibly presumptuous on a number of levels…

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This Guy is Criticising My Activism (Should I take him seriously?)

Just thought I’d share something funny. Darius Mirshahi is one of my new stalkers since I moved to Ontario. He’s a half-assed rapper, and a purveyor of cheap trinkets who appears to be working on a degree in ad-hominem.

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Analysis of an Occupy Toronto Lynch Mob!

Cover of "Animal Farm: Centennial Edition...

Art Comes To Life

What happened at the Occupy Toronto General Assembly last night left me deeply saddened. I was invited to this meeting to discuss people’s allegations against me, and was fully prepared to do this- wasted two days preparing a thorough response. Then, when I arrived, Alex Hundert (head of AW@L, friend of Harsha Walia, and no relation to Occupy Toronto) was blocking my entrance with two of his goons.

There were so many things wrong with last night, let me outline a few:

  1. I was not allowed to attend my own trial
  2. I was given no quantification to any of the allegations against me
  3. There was no consensus reached but a judgement was issued

There are a lot of people who are unhappy with what happened- me included. What happened last night violated the spirit of the Occupy movement, and threatens to kill Occupy Toronto. This makes me very sad.

Here are some of the reactions from a thread on Occupy Toronto’s Facebook page today. All of the messages from this thread have been included:

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BullyWatch: Taylor Chelsea & Krystalline Kraus Are Boldfaced Liars!

Taylor Chelsea (a.k.a. PottyMouth) has decided to continue her attacks on me. It’s funny really, because I’ve never met her, and she has never met me. But, for some reason, about a week ago, she decided to come here and start yelling swear words and insults at me! There’s something really wrong with her- because, it just doesn’t make sense…

I was in the middle of writing a response on the Occupy Toronto facebook page about some of PottyMouth’s new slanderous attacks just now, and found out that I had been blocked. This, despite I’ve never written a single objectionable thing. So, why did this happen? Looks like I’ve been bullied out of it. Have a look:
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SlanderMail from the Crazy CUPE Guy!

One intense looking Union Executive!

There is this man out there who makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable- perhaps unsafe. I’ve never met him before, never asked him to engage me-he came and hunted me down months ago back when I was at Occupy Vancouver. He appears violent and dangerous- I’m just hoping he isn’t a psychopath. Please, if anything ever happens to me, have someone check his basement. Have a look at how he introduced himself to me: (click to enlarge)

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More PottyMouth from a.k.a. Chelsea Flook

Another Love Letter From Chelsea:
Rob Gordon’s letter points to your obsessive nature and points out you and he had major differences. Enough to sign the petition you tried to discredit. If you are looking for apologies and regret from people, what are you willing to own up to? I have never met you, but your online persona seems petty and toxic. Your pathetic attempt to write some discrediting blog post just proves the comment you based it on. You need to calm the fuck down. Especially on your paranoia and conspiracy theories. Seriously, it’s more disruptive and damaging to the movement than the stuff your claiming. Since you seem bent on making your problems the problems of everyone else, you have forced me to draw conclusions about your character from this alone. What ever you do in the future, I hope you take into consideration that you have made no friend or ally in me. You might want to reconsider your approach when attempting to infiltrate other occupy camps and other social movements. Whatever you don’t like in Dave is probably a reflection of what you do yourself. I suggest if you are asking someone to take a step back, you also consider how much that might be good for you too. You seem burn out to me.

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Hate Mail From Chelseaflook! (a.k.a. PottyMouth)

One thing I am quickly learning about Toronto is that there are a lot of people in this city who need their mouths washed-out with soap! Or, at least, amongst people who I find visiting my blog…

In this case, our vocabulary-challenged guest is Taylor Flook (a.k.a. Taylor Chelsea). The quality of her attack is on-par with that crazy guy from CUPE who keeps showing up in the most unexpected places!

PottyMouth (a.k.a Officer Bubblett)

Let’s have a look at her hate mail first- then I’ll continue with my response to this heapin’ spoonful of radical environmentalist style lovin’: (click to expand)

Dear Cheseaflook,

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