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Alex Hundert: A Violent Offender and a Danger to Us All

One of the problems with Canada’s radical left is their tendency to make heroes out of dirty thugs. Alex Hundert is probably the best example of this madness- let me share his story with you…

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My Oppressor, Alex Hundert, As He Beer Blocs Me!


Black Bloc member Alex Hundert & Jessica Enyar blocking me from my beer and from accessing the Occupy Toronto General Assembly


What Do The Black Bloc & Paedophiles Have In-Common?


Graham James- Former Hockey Coach & Convicted Paedophile

Alex Hundert Confesses His Crimes!

Hundert:Poster Boy for Stupid!

Thank you Alex! This information is going to your probation officer in the morning! You made it so easy for me, you’re amazing!

Are Anti-Poverty Groups Government Stooges?

Does anyone have access to NYT archives? Because, there seems to be something that needs researching here…


BullyWatch: I Was Assaulted today By Black Bloc Terrorists


Hero, or terrorist? You be the judge...

Alex Hundert- the man people misguidedly view as a hero for being dumb enough for getting caught during the G20, brought two other big scary looking men with him and blocked my access to the GA. The police came, they lied to them, nothing happened in the end. Occupy held a meeting, discussed me, and I was never able to speak…

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