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Is BC Premier Christy Clark Trying To Muzzle The Press?

And, who is this woman, and where did she come from? She seemed to be rather elusive when asked…

Documentary Teaser: Hope Is Not A Plan

A good friend told me about Paul Caune recently. She said he was a courageous man who has been fighting against the system for many years now, and could possibly provide me with advice on how to deal with my complaint against Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), and the malpractice of one of their staff.

Coincidentally, I ran across Paul this evening on one of the (many) Occupy Vancouver facebook pages where he posted a link to this trailer/teaser for a documentary that will be released in January 2013. We’re ‘Facebook friends’ now, and I hope I will be able to contribute to his cause in the future…

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A Letter to David Murray About Harsha Walia’s Ironic March Against Racism

David Murray- NDP Councillor for Pitt Meadows

While researching people who have registered to attend Harsha’s Ironic March Against Racism (she’s a racist herself) I came across David Murray, a recently elected NDP councillor for Pitt Meadows.

I’m pretty confident that the people of his community would find Harsha Walia’s racist and sexist attitude to be as abhorrent as most of my readers. And, as he’s new to the job, I thought it would be courteous to warn him about the political CLM (career limiting move) it could be for him to march beside Harsha.

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A Letter to Hedy Fry About Harsha Walia’s Ironic March Against Racism

Hedy Fry is a Liberal Party MP from Vancouver- a highly educated and respectable woman who is originally from Trinidad & Tobago. I love her home country, beautiful beaches (especially Blanchisseuse!), and many lovely people. That said, there are some serious social issues there, many are race related.

So, I can understand her reasoning for deciding to attend Harsha Walia’s ironic march against racism. But, I’m also guessing that nobody has pointed out to her that Harsha virulently supports both racism & violence. Because, otherwise, I seriously doubt such a well educated politician (besides David Eby) woud risk their reputation by marching beside such a monster…

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BullyWatch: Dave Vasey Is a Coward who Uses Women as Human Shields!

On February 9th, Dave Vasey took his first shot at me- wrote this letter, asking me not to come to the Action Committee meeting that day:

It has come to my attention through comrades in Vancouver that statements have been made about your behavior there. see the following http://occupiedvancouver.net/2011/12/19/statement/

In solidarity with Occupy Vancouver organizers, Action committee will prioritize safety, according to the guidelines around violence developed by the GA and Marshal committee.

Please do not attend the meeting today – if you do, you will immediately be asked to leave. Members of the marshal committee have been contacted and will be present.

Dave Vasey

Who would have guessed a video about Pivot would make me feel this way?

I was busy doing some research on a project, as a single guy typically would do on Family Day, when I ran across a video that brought back some beautiful memories. At the beginning of the video John Richardson is seen sitting on a log on the beach- I used to sit at the same place and drink my coffee many mornings. Paradise!

Funny thing is, who would have thought that would happen when reading about Pivot Legal Society? Well, stranger things have happened- like in BC where the Civil Liberties watchdog is run by a politician!

I sometimes think that, perhaps, I could find myself living on Cortes. That said, it is such a small place, and lots of gossiping and rumours can fly around. Quite the opposite of the big city…

Hate Mail From CUPE! (And my response…)

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) &quo...

I got the most lovely letter today from Rob Chamberland, president of CUPE Local 2073. It sounds like he is angry and vindictive- could it be having to repeat “oh ye brothers and sisters” too often each day, or is there something more to the story?

Here’s the letter, filled with all of the exaggeration and anger you’d expect from a labour executive- followed with my response: (click the image to expand)

Dearest Rob,

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