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What’s Going Wrong With The Student Fee Protests?

Anarchists or concerned students?

It was another beautiful day for a demonstration- the sun was shining and was mercifully accompanied by a cool soothing breeze. Spirits were high when I arrived on the scene. There was a small contingent of police- less than usual, I’m guessing this was related to Prince Charles’ visit…

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Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Socialists at OWS

I used to think that Communism could be a solutions- that was, until I visited a Communist country, and before I lived in the former Soviet Union. These experiences quickly changed this for me- I saw all of the pain people went through, and the many weaknesses of real-life Communism.

Watch this video, it may help you better understand…


Whadayaknow! Kevin Annett Is A Member Of The International Socialists!

Carolyn Egan of the United Steelworker's Union (and notable Marxist!)

‘I’ll be digging into this a bit more in the next couple of days- but, thought I’d share some exciting news! It seems that Kevin Annett has always been deep in with the International Socialist crowd- people I’ll be writing about in the near future…

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