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Harsha Walia’s Gonna Get It! (Bob Ages Too!)

Ben Pearson (in one of the best Occupy Vancouver pictures ever!)

UPDATE: This article includes some inaccuracies, please refer to the comments section for updated information

I’ve written about this issue a few times now, and posted the (very popular) video of Occupy Vancouver Gone Wild! It all started after Ben Pearson began to ask questions about OV finances. Ben’s a brave man, and I commend his tenacity in keeping-up the good fight here….

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Occupy Vancouver Has An Asshole Problem! (so do the Council of Canadians & Van Media Co-Op)

Bob Ages of the Council of Canadians (also known as Mr Taco!)

NOTE: The title of this article is based on an article that was quite popular during the early days of Occupy Vancouver: Occupy’s Asshole Problem

I’ve written about this issue before. Bob Ages of the Council of Canadians has been involved in vicious character attacks after Ben Pearson, a member of Occupy Vancouver, started asking questions about the Finance Committee. Then I published a video showing how a gang of people (including Irwin Oostinde of the W2 Media Center) mobbed Ben to refuse his entry to a GA.

This situation has truly one of Occupy Vancouver’s lowest moments…

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(UPDATED!) Robocall Scandal: Did OpenMedia.ca Break The Law?

UPDATE: You will see in the comments below that Dana Larsen has alerted me to a potential inaccuracy in this article regarding nonprofit vs charitable organizations. I have confirmed that LeadNow & the Council of Canadians are nonprofits and therefore not restricted by these laws. But, OpenMedia most certainly are…

David Suzuki speaking during the first week of Occupy Vancouver..

I wrote back in March about a section in the federal budget titled “Enhancing Transparency & Accountability for Charities”. This provides $8 million earmarked for the CSA to better audit the political activities of charities and improve the transparency of their foreign sources…

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Continuing My Investigation of Occupy, Black Bloc & the International Socialists…

The Header From The International Socialist's MarxismConference.ca Website

The investigation into the relationship with the Occupy movement and the International Socialists (IS) continues- and, the deeper I look the more obvious are the connections. But, before I continue, I believe it is important to make something clear…

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MP Dean Del Mastro Calls The Council Of Canadians A “Extremist Group”

Dean Del Mastro: Time to Stop the CoC's!

Finally, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! Other people are beginning to realize that the Council of Canadians are a big problem…
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What Was Blackwater’s Involvement at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics?

Why am I posting a video about Blackwater (now known as Xe)? Because, they are an evil company. But, also because they were hired to provide security services at the 2012 Olympics in Vancouver!

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Rabble.ca Admits to The Error of Their Ways!

Even their tagline is arrogant...

If you read yesterday’s article about Rabble, you’ll know they seriously crossed the line in an article/podcast they published about me. It was from Alex Hundert’s Aw@l, so perhaps they just got screwed-over by them. And, perhaps they will learn their lesson this time- anarchists don’t play by the rules! lol

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