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Story Of The Robocall Rallies, Palestine House, JDL, International Socialists, Judy Rebick And A Cryptic Coptic!

Jon Allen speaking from the bed of the 'Palestine House' truck..

I didn’t think much about it when Jon Allan mentioned he had a friend from the Palestinian community who would be helping us plan and marshal our parade route. Jon said he was an expert at setting-up rallies, and it was good to know we’d have someone experienced to help make the first rally possible.

When he came to our second planning meeting this man was, indeed, a wealth of knowledge. He was able to help us with the details- things like we shouldn’t plan a parade route that makes a left-turn, as that would block traffic and the city would be unlikely to give approval. We were on the right track, and things were looking good…

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It’s Time to LeadNow(.ca) and MoveOn(.org) from the Robocall Rhetoric

There were a couple of things that truly shocked me at the initial Robocall Rally in Toronto. First, was the inclusion of Sherif Azir, a man who was supposedly an organizer of the “Arab Spring” in Egypt (but who doesn’t appear to be very Egyptian to me).

The second shock was when Mathew Carroll of Leadnow.ca introduced Azir, first saying: “It kind of feels like spring, don’t you think? Maybe a little bit of a Canadian Spring?”

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The Curious Case of Sarah Buehler, Robocall Rallies and Openmedia.ca

Sarah Buehler, organizer of the first Vancouver Robocall Rally

One of the first times I realized something was wrong with Occupy Vancouver was an incident I had with Sarah Buehler. I noticed during the planning meeting that Sarah was rather stand-offish when unknown people approached her (hardly the trait of a true occupier), but I had no idea how radical her views would be until a couple of days after we opened our camp.

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