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The May Day Guerilla Garden Is Still Growing!

The garden planted on May 1st

You may remember my article I posted on May first about guerilla gardening. Well, I walked through Queen’s park today and was pleasantly surprised to see that the garden is still growing!

Kudos to the provincial groundskeepers who haven’t taken away our little garden- I’m seriously impressed!


A Great Video From The May Day March (with special guest- me!)

Someone just posted a link to this video on Facebook, thought I would share. Amongst some great interviews with Lawrence McCurry, Jon Allen, Derrick Soberal, Officer Bubbles, The Scary Lady Cop & Dan Dix– you will also find your’s truly! (starting at around 27 minutes)

Though you may be tempted to fast-forward to the best part (starting at around 27 minutes, lol), I recommend watching through the whole show. It gives a great sense of how the day went, and a many alternative opinions you won’t hear from hacks like the Media Co-Op & Rabble

If There Is Violence On May 1st- Blame These People…

This list reads like a who’s who of the International Socialists! Is this why they would be foolish enough to add their support to a dodgy event being sponsored by No One Is Illegal? After all, NoII is one of the most pro Black Bloc organizations in the country- isn’t it? Continue reading

Things that make you go hmmm…

Have you noticed there’s not a single mention of Bay Street in this video? Ever wondered if that is intentional? It seems Dave Vasey & crowd have totally forgotten the meaning of the movement…

Dear Occupy Toronto- who are you trying to attract here?

I’m confused- isn’t AIM the American Indian Movement? Regardless, who is the intended audience for this image? What is the intended outcome?

Will it be a good one or a bad one?