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An Open Letter To Thomas Mulcair

Thomas Mulcair- let’s hope he’s a lover and not a street fighter…

Dear Mr. Mulcair,

You have a big problem on your hands, as does the rest of the country. True, every political party has its loonies- but, the NDP’s crazies are a danger to our country…

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More Clues About The NDP Marxists Involvement Behind The Quebec Strikes!

Here’s a screenshot from the Facebook page of the people organizing Spread the Quebec Strike! Demand Free Education! in Ontario.  These are the same people who I believe are going to attempt to interrupt Prince Charles’ visit to Toronto next week.

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Anarchy In Quebec! (Time to talk to the NDP…)

This is what useful idiots look like!

A group of thugs invaded the Universite du Quebec a Montreal today. Spray painting the walls, invading classrooms and calling the students scabs for daring to go to classes- and, a couple of women were assaulted. What happened was like the early stages of a new Kristallnacht– how can we accept this kind of hooliganism in Canada?

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Macdonald Stainsby & Harsha Walia Called “Lowlights” Of The 2010 Olympics!

Mac Stainsby- NDP Hitman & Pie Thrower…

Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight wrote an interesting article after the Olympics outlining the highlights & lowlights of the 2010 games. And, of course, one of the Lowlights was given to Macdonald Stainsby’s & Harsha Walia’s shameful Black Bloc Incident…

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Was Wally Oppal Setup In A Hollywood Honeytrap?

Rochelle Clark (of the Clarke VIP Lounge) & Wally Oppal

It has always puzzled me why David Eby and his NDP crowd appear to be so hell-bent on discrediting the Pickton inquiry. It seems almost daily I see an article of them complaining about competence, sexism or some other reason to attack the efforts of the inquiry.

Perhaps he does this out of genuine care for the families involved- but I just can’t see Eby as being primarily motivated by altruism. After all, he’s a political hack who wouldn’t even stand-up to protect the Occupy movement (which he claimed he supported) from the damages caused by Harsha Walia’s friends in the Black Bloc

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Get Your Waffle On At The House Of International Socialists!

This is quite possibly the most important story I’ve ever written…

Here’s an interesting video from 1969- just before the NDP convention, with a group of politicos self-identified as The Waffle. Notice the participants include (associate of Judy Rebick) Ed Broadbent, and a union leader! One can sense here the ‘usual suspects’ behind the Canadian Occupy movement…

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Occupy Toronto, International Socialists, The NDP & Robocall Rallies!

Hey, wait a minute! Doesn't this image look familiar?

I’ve been doing some research on the International Socialists lately, as it seems they have quite a strong impact on the Occupy Movement. I’ve known this for a while, but they escalated in importance to my investigation the moment I learned that Kevin Annett was a member of the IS. It seems this may be a missing link…

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Doug Johnson Hattem/@OccupyBayStreet Attempt To Quell Freedom of Speech!

It appears that @OccupyBayStreet are also showing their true colours today- and they are not pretty. Somehow these monkeys think they have the authority to tell me I cannot talk about Black Bloc? Are they kidding?

Why is that Doug Hattem? Are you Black Bloc yourself? Or, are you just an amateur fascist who things you have the right to restrict people’s speech?

One thing is for sure- you are a shit Christian…

Are The Robocall Rallies Calling To Destroy Canadian Democracy?

A sign from this weekend's Robocall rally- are they calling for too much too soon?

When I first heard about the Robocall Scandal I was immediately compelled to join the movement to call for an inquiry. If the allegations are true, we have a very serious problem in our country- and, justice must be served. However, as I’ve shared with you before, I was quickly disillusioned my the direction of the Robocall Rallies.

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A Warning for Canadians- George Soros’ TIDES Foundation is Invading!

Not a fan of Beck (at all) but sometimes he is right- this is one of them…

Rabble.ca Slanders Yours Truly!

It appears that Rabble.ca has decided to open itself to the legal liability of slandering me! Have a listen to the audio stream below- fast forward to 14:14 an you can hear the lies about me.

Great work Rabble! I’ve been waiting for this moment!

Don Davies (NDP MP) Promotes Black Bloc Anarchists!

This Man Is A Muppet!

Don Davies not only attended Harsha Walia’s ironic march ‘against’ racism- but, he was foolish enough to use his Twitter account to promote Harsha’s radical Black Bloc anarchist group No One Is Illegal! (NoII)

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A Letter to David Murray About Harsha Walia’s Ironic March Against Racism

David Murray- NDP Councillor for Pitt Meadows

While researching people who have registered to attend Harsha’s Ironic March Against Racism (she’s a racist herself) I came across David Murray, a recently elected NDP councillor for Pitt Meadows.

I’m pretty confident that the people of his community would find Harsha Walia’s racist and sexist attitude to be as abhorrent as most of my readers. And, as he’s new to the job, I thought it would be courteous to warn him about the political CLM (career limiting move) it could be for him to march beside Harsha.

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