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An Interesting Video of Anarchist Ashleigh & Friends!

Toronto Occupiers, do you recognize where this is being filmed? Yep, the exact same place that the hijackers moved the GA to this winter! Others may remember this as the place where Alex Hundert and his gang of thugs stopped me from entering the GA!

Suddenly, things make a little bit more sense now…


News Flash! No Wonder The Occupy Montreal Jail Solidarity Was So Dumb! (featuring Brandon Gray)

Brandon Gray practising negative PR on the last day of Occupy Toronto

I noticed this last night, but didn’t post until I could get confirmation. It has been confirmed this morning that Brandon Gray (not his real name, to be released later) was on-sight at Occupy Montreal’s Jail Solidarity event I wrote about in my last article. No wonder it was such a PR negative event!

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Occupy Montreal Gone Wild!

Picture of one of the smoke bombs in the Montreal Metro…

Here’s an interesting video of a demonstration yesterday by Occupy Montreal. They were gathering in ‘jail solidarity’ for their members who were arrested for throwing smoke bombs into the Metro. This is interesting on a couple of levels…

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Updated Chart of Canadian Occupations!

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Updated Organizational Chart of Canadian Occupations

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Relationship Chart: Canadian Occupy Movement

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Just a little something I’ve been working on that I’d thought I would share with you all. Any input on changes and/or additions would be very welcome…