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News Flash! No Wonder The Occupy Montreal Jail Solidarity Was So Dumb! (featuring Brandon Gray)

Brandon Gray practising negative PR on the last day of Occupy Toronto

I noticed this last night, but didn’t post until I could get confirmation. It has been confirmed this morning that Brandon Gray (not his real name, to be released later) was on-sight at Occupy Montreal’s Jail Solidarity event I wrote about in my last article. No wonder it was such a PR negative event!

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Occupy Toronto Has A Black Bloc Problem…

Black Bloc Marching At Occupy Toronto's Police Violence March Last Friday

When I arrived at Occupy Toronto I was told that “there are no Black Bloc at OT.” Being someone who gives the benefit of doubt, I accepted this- that said, it didn’t take long before I saw this was not true…

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All’s Quiet on the Occupy Front

We had a long march today against the police violence that happened to an Occupier one week ago. The crowd was a mix of Occupiers and a large number of Black Bloc. Despite a lot of tension, all ended up being peaceful.


Some of the police who followed us

We had a mix of police on bicycles, horses and some cars. At one point, just off Younge St, it seemed they were ready to kettle us- however, nobody was arrested. They were ready for it though, had a paddy wagon trailing us for a couple of hours…


The march ended at St. James Park at around 8pm. There was a sense of kinship and collective relief as we gathered in the Gazebo.


We then walked down to Cloud Gardens, the location of our new occupation after our eviction from Osgoode Hall. It is a lovely space- grass, flowers, nice lighting and a white noise in the background from a waterfall.


All’s well that ends well…

Occupy Toronto Occupies The 52 Division To Demonstrate Against Police Violence!

It all began on Friday afternoon when officers from the Toronto Police Department came to Occupy Toronto’s new occupation at Osgoode Hall. They told the occupiers that they must leave their space, despite the fact we had explicit permission from the property manager to stay there.

In the aftermath, four occupiers were arrested- two of them ended up being hospitalized due to the unnecessary violence of the arresting officers…

Brutalized occupier being readied to be taken to the hospital

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Officer Roadkill: “Do us all a favour and run them over!”

Today was a challenging day- both for Occupiers, and for the police. Fortunately, the majority of police acted in an entirely professional manner. And, yes, that was expected- after yesterday’s brutal violence, it was doubtful many cops would want to escalate further.

Should we name him Officer Roadkill?

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Toronto Police Lie About Altercation with Occupiers!

A chalk artwork created by Occupiers on Wednesday night.

I am still deeply disturbed with what happened yesterday at Osgoode Hall. Yes. the Occupiers could have handled the situation better. However, the level of violence was uncalled for, and the police should have been better trained how to de-escalate the situation. Instead, they got violent and created a major incident. Continue reading

Police Violence At Occupy Toronto’s New Occupation…

An Occupier who was severely beaten for filming the police

You know me, I’m the guy who stood-up at the planning meeting for Occupy Vancouver and stuck-out like a sore thumb after saying “Aren’t the police members of the 99%?” I meant that then, as I mean it now- that said, the police who came to our encampment at Occupy Toronto today have shown that this part of our family is rather dysfunctional…

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