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This Woman Reminds Me Of Krazy Krystalline Kraus!

What’s with these people? Fauxhawks, blonde natives, and only white people are in-charge of everything? If there’s going to be a native uprising, it should be against the people who are using them for ulterior means!

Stay-tuned for a story about a fake Ontario native village! You can’t make this stuff up folks…


Media Watch: Krazy Krystalline Kraus Is A Krap Reporter (Rabble.ca Editors Too)

Not only is Krazy Krystalline Kraus (KKK) someone who takes advantage of the indigenous community, and not only is she a compulsive liar, but it seems she is also a rather crap reporter. Or, perhaps I am giving her too much credit here, she could just be lying….

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Krazy Krystalline Kraus Pretending To Be A Native!

I remember watching a video of KKK talking at an Occupy Toronto GA claiming that she speaks for the indigenous community. And, here, she’s singing their songs and pretending to be one of them…

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Krazy Krystalline Kraus (KKK) Has A Mask Fetish!

Not only is KKK a boldfaced liar– but she seems to spend a lot of time promoting people wearing masks and other Black Block stupidity. Of course, what you would you expect from a close friend of Judy Rebick’s?

Oh, and notice the ‘like’ by Trey Winney- he was on yesterday’s video with Dave Vasey as they blocked traffic for crappy rapping. I’ll share more about him with you soon…

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More Discontent With Rabble.ca & Krystalline Kraus!

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This provides more evidence that Rabble.ca & Krystalline Kraus are not worthy of having their work labelled as ‘journalism’. It is a shame they don’t have a print edition, because they’d at least make great budgie paper…

Has OPSEU’s Large Yurt (formerly of Occupy Toronto) Been Torched By an Arsonist?

One of the yurts that was 'donated' by OPSEU

I remember reading about Occupy Toronto’s yurts back when they were “donated” last year. One part of me was envious- where were Occupy Vancouver’s yurts! That said, it made sense to donate them to Occupy Toronto, as they definitely needed it for the city’s colder weather!

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Rabble.ca Admits to The Error of Their Ways!

Even their tagline is arrogant...

If you read yesterday’s article about Rabble, you’ll know they seriously crossed the line in an article/podcast they published about me. It was from Alex Hundert’s Aw@l, so perhaps they just got screwed-over by them. And, perhaps they will learn their lesson this time- anarchists don’t play by the rules! lol

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