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More Discontent With Rabble.ca & Krystalline Kraus!

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This provides more evidence that Rabble.ca & Krystalline Kraus are not worthy of having their work labelled as ‘journalism’. It is a shame they don’t have a print edition, because they’d at least make great budgie paper…


Rabble.ca Admits to The Error of Their Ways!

Even their tagline is arrogant...

If you read yesterday’s article about Rabble, you’ll know they seriously crossed the line in an article/podcast they published about me. It was from Alex Hundert’s Aw@l, so perhaps they just got screwed-over by them. And, perhaps they will learn their lesson this time- anarchists don’t play by the rules! lol

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Rabble.ca Slanders Yours Truly!

It appears that Rabble.ca has decided to open itself to the legal liability of slandering me! Have a listen to the audio stream below- fast forward to 14:14 an you can hear the lies about me.

Great work Rabble! I’ve been waiting for this moment!

Open Letter to Krystalline Kraus- I forgive you…

Krystalline standing beside a rather poignantly worded poster...

Dear Krystalline,

I’m writing to give you an opportunity to defend yourself, and to explain your recent actions. Because, at this moment, you appear to to have diminishing credibility- this cannot be good for your career in journalism…

First, please explain yourself, and why you decided to attack a complete stranger. We’ve never met, and have never had any direct communication- is this not true? I’ve heard you said otherwise at the Occupy Toronto GA last Wednesday- you know, the GA Alex Hundert blocked my entrance from? What’s up with that?

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Hey Judy Rebick & Krystalline Kraus- What’s Going On?

As Ghandi once said: “First they laugh at you, Then they fight you, Then you win.” I’d have to add something in-between the ‘fight’ and the ‘win’ moments- “then they expose themselves.” And, it looks like we are right at that point.

Judy Rebick with some girl I'd like to meet!

It all began with my appearing at Occupy Toronto, about 15 minutes after I arrived at the Action Committee meeting. Wilsun Tsu flashed his Blackberry towards Dave Vasey, and the look on his face was one I’ll not forget for a long time. This was the moment when I was pretty certain that the conspiracy theorists were right- Occupy is an ‘Inside Job’. Or, at least, people are participating at Occupy without full disclosure…

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