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Indigenous Racism And The June 21st Uprising…

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Last week I had the (dis)honour of having one of my articles republished by one of the most radical & racist websites I’ve run across. It warmed my heart to see how they labelled me as ‘a somewhat infamous White participant in the #Occupy Movement in Kanada’. That said, they should have done their research, I quit the Occupy movement a couple of months ago–¬†tired of the focus on political correctness over making change…

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This Is What Trotskyists Look Like!

I joined the Marxism mailing list a few months ago after I found out how Macdonald Stainsby is quite active on there- it was one of my first clues about the type of people we are dealing with here. It is an interesting group where you’ll find a lot of hard-core unionists like Sid Shniad.

Anyhow, thought y’all may enjoy this clipping where one of their members decided to share some of Trotsky’s ‘wisdom’ with us…

Are The York Federation Of Students Institutionally Racist?

Screen Shot from a YFS’ Twitter account today…

Well, this is a satire account- but, it sure seems to echo their Israel policy and the complaints of their Jewish students

CUPE Announces Support For Violent Racist Black Bloc Supporter Harsha Walia!

CUPE showing support for violence...

Who’d have guessed! ūüėČ CUPE has announced support for Harsha Walia & No One Is Illegal’s Ironic march against violence this weekend!

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A Letter to David Murray About Harsha Walia’s Ironic March Against Racism

David Murray- NDP Councillor for Pitt Meadows

While researching people who have registered to attend Harsha’s Ironic March Against Racism (she’s a racist herself) I came across David Murray, a recently elected NDP councillor for Pitt Meadows.

I’m pretty confident that the people of his community would find Harsha Walia’s racist and sexist attitude to be as abhorrent as most of my readers. And, as he’s new to the job, I thought it would be¬†courteous¬†to warn him about the political CLM (career limiting move) it could be for him to march beside Harsha.

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A Letter to Hedy Fry About Harsha Walia’s Ironic March Against Racism

Hedy Fry is a Liberal Party MP from Vancouver- a highly educated and respectable woman who is originally from Trinidad & Tobago. I love her home country, beautiful beaches (especially Blanchisseuse!), and many lovely people. That said, there are some serious social issues there, many are race related.

So, I can understand her reasoning for deciding to attend Harsha Walia’s ironic march against racism. But, I’m also guessing that nobody has pointed out to her that Harsha¬†virulently¬†supports both racism & violence. Because, otherwise, I seriously doubt such a well educated politician (besides David Eby) woud risk their reputation by marching beside such a monster…

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The Most Offensive Thing I’ve Read All Day!

I expected to get quite a few attack dog responses to my launching the ThisWomanIsDangerous blog today. And, yes, I already knew the responses would be predictable. The legions of the Rabid Marxist Left tend to be that way when on a feeding frenzy. They typically have less self-control than a tank of hungry piranhas.

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