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(UPDATED!) Robocall Scandal: Did OpenMedia.ca Break The Law?

UPDATE: You will see in the comments below that Dana Larsen has alerted me to a potential inaccuracy in this article regarding nonprofit vs charitable organizations. I have confirmed that LeadNow & the Council of Canadians are nonprofits and therefore not restricted by these laws. But, OpenMedia most certainly are…

David Suzuki speaking during the first week of Occupy Vancouver..

I wrote back in March about a section in the federal budget titled “Enhancing Transparency & Accountability for Charities”. This provides $8 million earmarked for the CSA to better audit the political activities of charities and improve the transparency of their foreign sources…

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A Bizarre Interaction with Jon Allan of the Robocall Rallies!

Jon Allan talking from the back of the Al-Quds truck during a Robocall Rally

I just had the most bizarre interaction with Jon Allen on Facebook a few minutes ago. First, he came to me with a response to what I wrote about the rallies yesterday- this isn’t the unusual part, but it is rather telling. Here’s what he had to say: Continue reading

An Open Letter To Jon Allan About The Robocall Rallies

Screenshot from Jon's Facebook page

Dear Jon,

First, let me make it clear- I like you, and enjoyed the moments we worked together on the Robocall rallies. You seem to be an intelligent, straightforward, and amicable person. So, I must say, I’m totally confused what you are doing these days with the rallies- you seem to have gone off the rails.

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It’s Time to LeadNow(.ca) and MoveOn(.org) from the Robocall Rhetoric

There were a couple of things that truly shocked me at the initial Robocall Rally in Toronto. First, was the inclusion of Sherif Azir, a man who was supposedly an organizer of the “Arab Spring” in Egypt (but who doesn’t appear to be very Egyptian to me).

The second shock was when Mathew Carroll of Leadnow.ca introduced Azir, first saying: “It kind of feels like spring, don’t you think? Maybe a little bit of a Canadian Spring?”

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The Curious Case of Sarah Buehler, Robocall Rallies and Openmedia.ca

Sarah Buehler, organizer of the first Vancouver Robocall Rally

One of the first times I realized something was wrong with Occupy Vancouver was an incident I had with Sarah Buehler. I noticed during the planning meeting that Sarah was rather stand-offish when unknown people approached her (hardly the trait of a true occupier), but I had no idea how radical her views would be until a couple of days after we opened our camp.

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Occupy Toronto Occupies The 52 Division To Demonstrate Against Police Violence!

It all began on Friday afternoon when officers from the Toronto Police Department came to Occupy Toronto’s new occupation at Osgoode Hall. They told the occupiers that they must leave their space, despite the fact we had explicit permission from the property manager to stay there.

In the aftermath, four occupiers were arrested- two of them ended up being hospitalized due to the unnecessary violence of the arresting officers…

Brutalized occupier being readied to be taken to the hospital

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My Disillusionment With the Toronto Robocall Rally…

The moment I heard about the Toronto Robocall rally I knew I must get involved. I was deeply disturbed to hear about the possibility that someone manipulated Canada’s last election, and I wanted to help effect change. But, this wasn’t my main motivation- there are bigger fish to fry…

Some of the crowd at the first Robocall Rally.

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