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Why Are George Soros’ Marxists Targeting Peter Munk & Barrick Gold?

Peter Munk, Head of Barrick Gold

It was just over a month ago when I first approached the subject of Barrick Gold. I wrote a story about how Sakura Saunders had told a couple of my sources that ProtestBarrick.net had got funding through the TIDES Foundation’s money laundering facility, and how there was a potential that George Soros was using them to affect their stock value

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Get Your Waffle On At The House Of International Socialists!

This is quite possibly the most important story I’ve ever written…

Here’s an interesting video from 1969- just before the NDP convention, with a group of politicos self-identified as The Waffle. Notice the participants include (associate of Judy Rebick) Ed Broadbent, and a union leader! One can sense here the ‘usual suspects’ behind the Canadian Occupy movement…

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How The 5% Hijacked Occupy Toronto (And how they’re 100% illegitimate)

Take me to Cloud Gardens!

There are a group of people who have been trying to wrestle control of Occupy Toronto from since the beginning- I’ve already referred to them as “the 5%”. It could be possible to argue that they are the people who kick-started the movement, but that would be unfair to the 95% of Toronto’s Occupiers who came with good intentions…

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Open Letter to Sakura Saunders

Dear Sakura,

I heard you talking at today’s GA- you wern’t very nice to me I must say. And, you made a lot of ad-hominem accusations about me- but not a single one of them was backed with something tangible.

What’s up with that Sakura?

You also said that my article about Barrick Gold was ‘full of lies’. Can you please quantify what those ‘lies’ were? If I got something wrong, I’d like to make a correction.

Or, were you full of it?

Oh, and is it true that your father is a banker? And, is he as rich and successful as Antonin’s dad?

Greg Renouf