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Occupy Toronto: We (Aren’t) The 99%!

Here’s an interesting clipping from the Occupy/Decolonize Facebook page. Apparently, people who aren’t into anarchism are now dangerous?

People, isn’t it now time to de-occupy?

Does Irwin Oostinde Run S&M Sex Parties At The W2 Media Centre? (Kid’s Camps Too!)

Irwin Oostinde, helping the poor, or helping himself?

One of the more interesting things about the W2 Media Centre is the imbalance between events focussed on media, and the number of parties and social events.  Have a look at this screenshot from the events calendar on their website: Continue reading

Want To Know More About Who I Am?

Me, deep in the middle of the Black Bloc during a march against police violence…

After several requests, I’ve just made an update on my biography page. If you were ever curious about who I am and where I come from- now you have the opportunity!

Great New WordPress Feature!

It has taken them forever, but finally, WordPress has got their act together and they now provide statistics about who is reading from what country. Here’s a sample of my chart today, I had no idea how much of the world is reading!

Victory! The Twitter Account Has Been Closed!

As they say, the person who is quickest wins online! There’s more below, MadLove’s reaction! Continue reading