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Rogers Wireless Holds Competition for Favourite Customer Service Rep!

I was just on the Rogers Facebook page posting my last article- it seems they are having a competition for their “customer service” department!


Rogers Wireless Gone Wild!

So, yesterday evening I wrote how it looked as if things were going well with Rogers. They had reactivated my phone, and I had a voicemail from the office of their president! Sounded like we were on the right track, yes? Well, not quite. I woke-up early today, walked out of the house to get some coffee and realized that they have once again deactivated my phone!

What is wrong with this company- are they institutionally stupid? Or, perhaps, is this some sort of retaliation for how I used a Dr Evil image for my last article? Either way, they aren’t showing me that @RogersHelps

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An Update On My Rogers Account…

Got a call from the big cheese...

A little while after I posted my last article about my experience with Rogers’ customer service I got a call. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to answer it as I was in a very important meeting. My voicemail indicates the call was from the “Office of the President.” So, perhaps I’m making progress?

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Great New Wordpress Feature!

It has taken them forever, but finally, WordPress has got their act together and they now provide statistics about who is reading from what country. Here’s a sample of my chart today, I had no idea how much of the world is reading!

Is Someone Planning an Attack on Me?

Interesting. Today I believed I outed Jason Morden as the person who holds the account @VancouverBlues on Twitter, but I have since confirmed it is Michael Madlove (who has a real story behind him!). Apologies for that Jason- but I sill hold you responsible for supporting Harsha’s racist and hateful comments against Derrick O’Keefe

I think I raised some vengeance feelings inside Michael’s (small) mind when I questioned the validity of Harsha Walia holding a rally against racism….

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