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No Wonder Harsha Walia Loves To Pimp Violence!

Yeah Dave Eby- she does seem outrageous, doesn’t she!

Ever since the first day I used Twitter I’ve been amazed by its power. Not only because of its value for getting my words out to the world- but, equally, it is a wonderful tool for querying the world for information…

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Letter to Judy Rebick: Are You Leading The Canadian Black Bloc?

Dear Judy,

Back in January, at the height of some of the attacks against me coming from supporters of Black Bloc, I decided I would make an effort to contact high-profile people who’ve spoken out against Black Bloc tactics in the past. So, I got onto Google and began my search for someone who could help me…

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Why Are @OccupyBayStreet ‏Such Rabid Haters?

Doug Johnson Hatlem- a strangely vengeful Christian...

O you who turn justice to wormwood and cast down righteousness to the earth!  ~Amos 5:7 

One of the more interesting characters I’ve met since I’ve been in Toronto is the ‘street preacher’ Doug Johnson Hatlem from @OccupyBayStreet. This is a man who identifies as a Christian- yet, long before he had ever met me he had apparently cast judgement

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Is it Time to De-Occupy Rogers Mobile? (With a hammer…)

I’m absolutely sick & tired of Rogers mobile phone service. Not only are they overpriced, but Rogers has incredibly bad service. Let me tell you about both…

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Victory! The Twitter Account Has Been Closed!

As they say, the person who is quickest wins online! There’s more below, MadLove’s reaction! Continue reading

Is Someone Planning an Attack on Me?

Interesting. Today I believed I outed Jason Morden as the person who holds the account @VancouverBlues on Twitter, but I have since confirmed it is Michael Madlove (who has a real story behind him!). Apologies for that Jason- but I sill hold you responsible for supporting Harsha’s racist and hateful comments against Derrick O’Keefe

I think I raised some vengeance feelings inside Michael’s (small) mind when I questioned the validity of Harsha Walia holding a rally against racism….

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Update On The Lynch Mob Story- Occupy Police to the Rescue!

Official Logo for Occupy Police

Those of you who have been following me for a while will remember the incident back in December when I engaged Occupy Police to help with all of the abuse I was receiving from Harsha Walia & others. They came to the rescue during a heated debate and made things clear- violence is not acceptable in the Occupy movement…

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