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Vancouver Area Network of Drugs Users (VANDU)- Your Tax Dollars At Work!

Blocking traffic on the Cambie St Bridge today…

There’s a march going on right now in Vancouver. Just a few minutes ago VANDU was blocking traffic on the Cambie Street Bridge, carrying a banner saying ‘Homes Not Jails’…

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Open Letter To Irwin Oostinde About Homophobia, Charitable Status & Mental Health Stigmatization!

Is this man a hypocrite?

I got some rather unsavoury hate-mail from Irwin Oostinde’s W2 Media Centre today- and I think it says a lot about his organization. Yes, it did address some of the questions I asked in my article about W2. That said, it raised a whole lot more of them. Have a look at what they had to say- my letter to Irwin comes after the screenshot…

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No Wonder Harsha Walia Loves To Pimp Violence!

Yeah Dave Eby- she does seem outrageous, doesn’t she!

Ever since the first day I used Twitter I’ve been amazed by its power. Not only because of its value for getting my words out to the world- but, equally, it is a wonderful tool for querying the world for information…

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Documentary Teaser: Hope Is Not A Plan

A good friend told me about Paul Caune recently. She said he was a courageous man who has been fighting against the system for many years now, and could possibly provide me with advice on how to deal with my complaint against Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), and the malpractice of one of their staff.

Coincidentally, I ran across Paul this evening on one of the (many) Occupy Vancouver facebook pages where he posted a link to this trailer/teaser for a documentary that will be released in January 2013. We’re ‘Facebook friends’ now, and I hope I will be able to contribute to his cause in the future…

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Hey Judy Rebick & Krystalline Kraus- What’s Going On?

As Ghandi once said: “First they laugh at you, Then they fight you, Then you win.” I’d have to add something in-between the ‘fight’ and the ‘win’ moments- “then they expose themselves.” And, it looks like we are right at that point.

Judy Rebick with some girl I'd like to meet!

It all began with my appearing at Occupy Toronto, about 15 minutes after I arrived at the Action Committee meeting. Wilsun Tsu flashed his Blackberry towards Dave Vasey, and the look on his face was one I’ll not forget for a long time. This was the moment when I was pretty certain that the conspiracy theorists were right- Occupy is an ‘Inside Job’. Or, at least, people are participating at Occupy without full disclosure…

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My Response to Accusations Made on Occupy Toronto Facebook Pages

Dave Vasey (wearing top-hat): Is he working for the 1%?

When Dave Vasey confronted me at the beginning of the last Occupy Toronro Action Committee meeting we had an agreement that I would post my letter to the people of OT to each committee through the mailing lists. Then, when it came time to send out my mail I noticed I was banned- despite the fact I have not used those lists to cause any interruption.

It confounded me that someone like Dave, who has worked his whole life pursuing social and ecological justice would have made the accusations he did. It confounds me more that some (there are many more good & honest than there are bad) people decided to shut me out from telling my side of the story. Something is rotten in Denmark…

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