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Overcoming The Delphi Technique: A Must See Video For Occupiers!

Yes, it is long, and yes this woman does sound like a reactionary conservative- but, after watching this video, I can’t recommend it enough to Occupiers, and other people who feel they are being manipulated by the Delphi Technique. Make sure you share this with other Occupiers and work together as a team. Together, united, we’ll never be defeated!


A Great Video From The May Day March (with special guest- me!)

Someone just posted a link to this video on Facebook, thought I would share. Amongst some great interviews with Lawrence McCurry, Jon Allen, Derrick Soberal, Officer Bubbles, The Scary Lady Cop & Dan Dix– you will also find your’s truly! (starting at around 27 minutes)

Though you may be tempted to fast-forward to the best part (starting at around 27 minutes, lol), I recommend watching through the whole show. It gives a great sense of how the day went, and a many alternative opinions you won’t hear from hacks like the Media Co-Op & Rabble

Rhythms of Resistance Playing at Toronto’s May Day Celebrations!

I love these people! Their music was incredible and was probably the best part of today’s May Day march in Toronto! Thank you!

I Dedicate This Song To The “Scary Lady Cop”

Japanese Anti-Nuclear Reggae Song! (which would be funny if it weren’t so sad)

This would be funny if it weren’t so damn sad…

Japanese TV Show Films Plant Life Mutations In Tokyo!

This story came from a website named Fukushima Diary– a useful source of information on the nuclear situation in Japan. Apparently this TV announcer has found ‘many’ fasciated dandelions around Tokyo- a very rare mutation where the stem becomes flattened and elongated…

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Video Discussing The Infiltration Of Occupy In The UK By Special Interests

When did we all stop talking about the banks?