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What’s Going Wrong With The Student Fee Protests?

Anarchists or concerned students?

It was another beautiful day for a demonstration- the sun was shining and was mercifully accompanied by a cool soothing breeze. Spirits were high when I arrived on the scene. There was a small contingent of police- less than usual, I’m guessing this was related to Prince Charles’ visit…

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No Wonder Harsha Walia Loves To Pimp Violence!

Yeah Dave Eby- she does seem outrageous, doesn’t she!

Ever since the first day I used Twitter I’ve been amazed by its power. Not only because of its value for getting my words out to the world- but, equally, it is a wonderful tool for querying the world for information…

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There Sure Are Some Scary People At Occupy Toronto These Days…

Here’s another classic picture posted on the Occupy Toronto Facebook page by David Kahn- a man Dave Vasey has deep respect for

Hey, Occupiers, when are you going to stand-up against these thugs and ask them to stop, or ask them to leave your movement? Or, do you respect this sort of violence?

An Open Letter To Occupy Vancouver

Starhawk teaching us to love each other at the back door of the VAG

Dear Occupy Vancouver,

Remember the first couple of weeks we were together at the VAG? Those days were beautiful, weren’t they? All of the smiles, love and group hugs made living outside in tents worthwhile- didn’t they?

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Taylor “PottyMouth” Flook Tries To Label Me As Illegal at the No One Is Illegal March!

Taylor "PottyMouth" Flook, one of Occupy Toronto's Soros-Funded Zombies

One of the more disturbing moments I had at yesterday’s marches was when Taylor Flook decided to go all Dave Vasey on me and start insisting I had no right to be out on Toronto’s streets! You may remember Taylor from back in February when she came out of nowhere throwing potty language and  ad-hominem attacks at me.

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The Most Solid Argument That The Police/Government Run The Black Bloc is…

…the fact that Stimulator hasn’t been imprisoned yet. Because, aren’t there laws against inciting violence?

This Is What Stupidity Looks Like! (With Special Guest, MP Andrea Horwath!)

Somehow, Black Bloc supporting anarchists just don’t get it. I was there- he went to jail because he ignored the order of a police officer who was in the process of arresting someone.

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Some Advice for People Attending Occupy Toronto’s “Activist Training Weekend”

If you have a chance, please make sure you watch this video before you head off to the Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyist Steelworker’s hall this weekend, it may be valuable to use some of your time to watch this video first.

Remember, if anything doesn’t make sense, make sure you ask questions! You may also want to read the Activist Post’s article on Combating the Delphi Technique and Occupy Infiltration while you are at it. Then watch the 5% at work, and have a great weekend!

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Dave Vasey Has Deep Respect For Violent Men…

This man is dangerous...

The more I learn about Dave Vasey the more disturbed I am that this man is accepted by his community as a leader. Besides his bullying and attacking people’s family members (standard activities for an International Socialist), Dave’s support of violence should cause call Canadians a deep sense of distress…

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Alex Hundert: A Violent Offender and a Danger to Us All

One of the problems with Canada’s radical left is their tendency to make heroes out of dirty thugs. Alex Hundert is probably the best example of this madness- let me share his story with you…

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Letter to Judy Rebick: Are You Leading The Canadian Black Bloc?

Dear Judy,

Back in January, at the height of some of the attacks against me coming from supporters of Black Bloc, I decided I would make an effort to contact high-profile people who’ve spoken out against Black Bloc tactics in the past. So, I got onto Google and began my search for someone who could help me…

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Chris Hedges And Occupy Debate “Black Bloc” Violence

All I’ve been asking for is the same as Chris mentions in this video: Transparency, Honesty, and a Rigid adherence to nonviolence. People who are suggesting we support Black Bloc and Diversity of Tactics are clearly working for the 1%. Occupiers! When will you finally understand this!

Please, realize this now- we need to move on and start making a difference!

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Toronto Police Lie About Altercation with Occupiers!

A chalk artwork created by Occupiers on Wednesday night.

I am still deeply disturbed with what happened yesterday at Osgoode Hall. Yes. the Occupiers could have handled the situation better. However, the level of violence was uncalled for, and the police should have been better trained how to de-escalate the situation. Instead, they got violent and created a major incident. Continue reading


My Oppressor, Alex Hundert, As He Beer Blocs Me!


Black Bloc member Alex Hundert & Jessica Enyar blocking me from my beer and from accessing the Occupy Toronto General Assembly

Which of These is More Violent?

Occupy Toronto! Are You a Man or a Movement? (or a bad joke…)

Dave Vasey: "The Man" at Occupy Toronto

Dear Occupy Toronto,

I’ve spent the past few weeks avoiding writing this essay. Yes, I’ve addressed the actions of a few individuals but this is the first time I’ve written to call ALL of you to account. So please listen closely…

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Don Davies (NDP MP) Promotes Black Bloc Anarchists!

This Man Is A Muppet!

Don Davies not only attended Harsha Walia’s ironic march ‘against’ racism- but, he was foolish enough to use his Twitter account to promote Harsha’s radical Black Bloc anarchist group No One Is Illegal! (NoII)

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The North American Idiotus Blackbblocus Montrealas In Action!


CUPE Announces Support For Violent Racist Black Bloc Supporter Harsha Walia!

CUPE showing support for violence...

Who’d have guessed! 😉 CUPE has announced support for Harsha Walia & No One Is Illegal’s Ironic march against violence this weekend!

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Alex Hundert Breaks Bail Conditions- Collaborates With Judy Rebick & David Eby!

Alex Hundert Breaks Bail Conditions- Collaborates With Judy Rebick & Harsha Walia!

Alex Hundert is banned from speaking and attending activist events by the terms of his bail. So, how is it he is speaking at an event with Judy Rebick & Dave Eby today?

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