OccupyPBX: Emergency Announcement! A call to the 99% to call our leaders!

Mayor Plasticman's heritage policy is similar to Harper's bike policy- Taco Them!

About a week ago I met a very nice woman who was campaigning for #HeritageNotCondos (okay, I made up the name). She told me that the city was planning to approve one of the West End’s remaining heritage buildings to build a nasty condo! Mayor Plasticman loves to make the 1% richer- right TIDES Foundation?

I was planning to write an article, but was too busy fighting ninjas to concentrate on fighting condos. Gee, you think Harsha would have called for peace by now- she hates new condos, doesn’t she? I thought she hated them like Harper hates bicycles!

Please read this article from OpenFile Vancouver. And, if you are outraged as I am, help the 99% flood the phone lines at City Hall. Make sure you speak with every councilor, mayor, clerk and engineer you can think of speaking to! If 10,000 people vow to make 2 phone calls per-day, until the building is saved- we will prove to the city that the people are indeed more powerful than the government!

And, we will have saved another piece of our heritage from the Developers. Because, did you know that they paid a very significant percentage of our politician’s campaign funds? Isn’t that just plain wrong?

City of Vancouver Main Switchboard: 604.873.7000

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